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Living Seasonally with Chinese Medicine: Seasonal Wisdom.

You've likely heard of your circadian rhythm, the natural cycles guiding our body through states of sleep and alertness. With Chinese medicine, we delve deeper into this concept, embracing the seasonal rhythm of life.

In Chinese Medicine, there are 24 distinct seasons known as the "Seasonal Nodes," passed down culturally in China for thousands of years. These nodes offer insights into our health vulnerabilities, suggest foods to fortify ourselves, and recommend suitable activity levels. They also provide a framework for understanding and balancing our emotions in harmony with the season.

As we approach the 7th seasonal node of the year, known as the "Start of Summer," we begin to observe gradual shifts: longer days, a greater inclination towards social gatherings, potential changes in sleep patterns, and a feeling of less restraint and more capacity in our daily lives. This node primarily addresses the energetics of our heart and digestive fires. To maintain harmony, it's advised to nurture a positive mood through social interactions while being mindful of overindulgence in food and drink during such gatherings.

Foods that align with this season include strawberries, bananas, plums, asparagus, cucumber, and tomatoes. You might notice the need to increase your water intake, and enjoying herbal teas can be beneficial. If you find your "heart fire" running high, manifesting as difficulty acclimating to changing weather, consider incorporating cooling herbal teas like chrysanthemum and goji berry, available at the apothecary. Surprisingly, this blend of chrysanthemum and goji berries is a superstar for eye health and can also alleviate seasonal eye irritation that occurs during this allergy season.  *Get the recipe for this refreshing tea below.

If you are struggling with exacerbated allergies, this might be a sign that your digestive energy is low, which is also a common pattern that presents during this seasonal node. Amy and Sadie have a new tea formulation for seasonal allergies in the high country, available in the apothecary for $8/oz for a limited time!

Moderate outdoor exercise is recommended during this time, focusing on joyful and playful movements that enhance well-being. Avoid adding stress by engaging in exercises lacking joy or meaning in your routines.

If you would like additional resources on how to live more in tune with the world around you and understand how to improve your health, book a free consultation with us! 


Chrysanthemum & Goji Berry cooling tea for eye health


  •  2-3 Whole Chrysanthemum Flowers ($4.80/oz in the apothecary)

  • 1 small nib of dried ginger root ($1.37/oz in the apothecary)

  • 1 teaspoon of Goji Berries ($2.50/oz in the apothecary)

  • 1 pinch of field mint ($1.38/oz in the apothecary)

  • 1 teaspoon Honey (to taste)


Place the ingredients in a tea infuser & add boiling water. Steep, covered for for 3-5 minutes. *Tip: if you leave the chrysanthemum flowers out of the infuser, you can watch them unfurl!


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