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Elevate Your Wellness Journey with Clear Creek Wellness Co's Diverse Offerings

At Clear Creek Wellness Co, we are dedicated to providing a holistic haven for your well-being, and we believe that wellness is not one-size-fits-all. That's why we offer a variety of services and experiences tailored to your unique needs.

Private Services by Appointment Only

1. Acupuncture: Our skilled acupuncturists combine ancient wisdom with modern techniques to address a wide range of health concerns.

2. Massage Therapy: Enjoy the healing touch of experienced therapists who can help you relax, reduce stress, and alleviate pain.

3. Acupressure/Bodywork: Experience the benefits of acupressure and bodywork to rebalance your body's energy and promote relaxation.

4. Holistic Nutrition: Our nutrition experts provide personalized guidance to help you make informed choices about your diet and overall well-being.

5. 1:1 Reiki & Sound Healing: Explore the powerful healing energies of Reiki and Sound Therapy in a private, one-on-one setting.

6. Herbal Consultations: Discover the natural healing properties of herbs through personalized consultations to address your unique health concerns.

Drop-In Friendly Weekly Classes

1. Yoga: Join our welcoming yoga classes to enhance your flexibility, strength, and inner peace.

2. Meditation: Find your center and reduce stress through guided meditation sessions.

3. Community Acupuncture: Our community acupuncture sessions provide a cost-effective way to experience the benefits of acupuncture in a group setting.

Daily Offerings

1. Infrared Sauna: Detoxify your body and boost your overall health with our daily infrared sauna sessions.

2. Migun Therapy Bed: Experience relaxation, pain relief, and improved circulation through daily Migun therapy.

3. Red Light Therapy: Harness the healing powers of red light to promote skin health and tissue repair.

Coming Soon! Ayurvedic Health Coaching

Stay tuned for our upcoming Ayurvedic Health Coaching services, where you'll have the opportunity to explore this ancient system of medicine to achieve balance and vitality.

Monthly Wellness Workshops and Holistic Classes

Join us for our monthly wellness workshops and holistic classes, where you can expand your knowledge and dive deeper into various aspects of well-being. Topics may range from essential oils and pain relief to energy healing and holistic nutrition.

At Clear Creek Wellness Co, we are committed to providing you with a diverse range of services and experiences that cater to your unique wellness journey. Whether you're seeking relaxation, pain relief, or a deeper understanding of holistic health, we have something for everyone. Book your appointment or drop in for a class, and let us guide you on your path to holistic well-being. Your journey to wellness begins here.


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